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SKU: PHA-JP Category: Respiratory Care

JahPiron Capsules

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SKU: PHA-JP Category: Respiratory Care

Productive and non – productive types of cough, Dry cough, Expectorant, Allergy, Congestion, and respiratory diseases.




Novexiz JahPiron Capsule is an herbal formulation helpful in all kinds of respiratory care. It contains Viola Odorata, Curcuma Longa, Terminalia Chebula, Solanum Xanthocarpum, Piper Longum, Zingiber officinale, Adhatoda Vasica, Glycyrrhiza Glabra . Viola Odorata helps reduce coughs, cooling fevers, wheezing in children with asthma and soothing sore feet by its cooling action. Curcuma Longa well known for anti-allergic and anti-microbial properties and keeps respiratory system free from allergies and infections. It alsotreats inflammation and fights back infections in our body and boosts the immunity of our body against free radicals. Terminalia Chebula alleviates cough, relieves the blocked phlegm, eases the bronchospasms and support respiratory health. It also strengthens and nourishes the tissues and supports the healthy function of the lungs. Solanum Xanthocarpum has expectorant property, helps to expel out mucus accumulated in the lungs, helps management cough, dry cough, mucus and respiratory allergy, helps to strengthen lungs and respiratory system. Piper Longum is an excellent tonic for the lungs, promoting clear and comfortable breathing. It is useful to eliminate blood borne toxins, inflammation and extra mucous from repsiratory tract. It also purifies blood supports detoxification of lungs encourage bronchio-dilation and improve lung function. Zingiber officinale active components induce bronchodilation by modulating intracellular calcium in airway smooth muscle and attenuates airway hyper responsiveness. It reduces the lung damage and protects the lungs from severe damage owing to hyperoxia and inflammation. Glycyrrhiza glabra forms a protective covering over inflamed mucosa, helpful in sore throat, cough and act as expectorant. It has free-radical scavenging and immune-stimulating properties which support a healthy immune system and also aid respiratory function. Adhatoda vasica soothes bronchial inflammation and opens airways, helps phlegm discharge, and relieves chest congestion.


Key Ingredients

Viola odorata Aerial Extract

Functions as an anti-inflammatory and antibiotic.

Curcuma longa Rhizomes Extract

Boosts overall immunity.

Terminalia chebula Fruit Extract

Well-known for its anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and anti-asthmatic properties, and effective in treating various respiratory problems like common cold, cough, flu, bronchitis, asthma, etc. It also thins and loosens the accumulation of phlegm from within the chest and nasal cavities hence, eases breathing and helps the body gets rid of mucus.

Solanum xanthocarpum Whole plant Extract

It has expectorant property, helps in expelling accumulated mucus in the lungs, aids in the management of wet and dry cough, respiratory allergies, and can strengthen the lungs and respiratory system.

Piper longum Seed Extract

This is an excellent tonic for the lungs, helping to promote a clear and comfortable breathing. It is useful in eliminating blood borne toxins, inflammation and excessive mucus from the respiratory tract.

Zingiber officinale Rhizome Extract

Its active components can induce bronchodilation by modulating intracellular calcium in airway smooth muscle and attenuates airway hyperresponsiveness. Also helps to reduce lung damage and protect the organ against severe injury owing to hyperoxia and inflammation.

Adhatoda vasica Leaves Extract

Soothes bronchitis symptoms and open up the airway. Also helps to get rid of phlegm and provides relief for chest congestion.

Piper nigrum Seed Extract

Its active component piperine enhances absorption of herbs, modifies drug metabolism and improves bioavailability.

Glycyrrhiza glabra Root Extract

Glycyrrhiza glabra or Licorice root can be one of advantageous sources of probiotic substances, including fructans. Licorice root extract has a sufficient fructan level to provide good resistance of probiotic bacteria to acidity/alkalinity gradient.

Cichorium intybus Root Extract

Cichorium intybus root extract has one of the major component Inulin. It is a type of soluble fiber found in many plants. Inulin is a fructans used as prebiotic, meaning that it feeds the good bacteria in the gut.


Additional information


Traditionally used for respiratory function support and helps reduce cough, fever and sore throat. Helps reduce asthma and bronchitis.

Direction of Use

Take 1-2 capsules twice daily after meal or as directed by a doctor or pharmacist.

Additional Information

Store below 30°C in a cool, dry place. Protect from light and moisture. Keep the bottle tightly closed at all times except when in use.


30 Capsules, 60 Capsules


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