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New Camellia Sinensis Plus Capsules

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EAN: 2000000095295 SKU: NV38396 Categories: , Tags: , ,

Camellia Sinensis Supports Heart & Antioxidant Health and Weight Management.





Novexiz® Camellia Sinensis Extract is a powerful dietary supplement helps to improve cardiovascular dysfunction by reducing total & LDL cholesterol and blood pressure reduction. Camellia improves the metabolism of the body, promoting appetite control and obstructs fat accumulation. It promotes healthy cardiovascular function and burn stubborn body fat effectively to promote healthy weight loss. Camellia contains polyphenol catechins and EGCG as natural potent antioxidants to fight free radicals cell damage, promote the growth of healthy cells in your body, and aid fat oxidation. It also contain caffeine, theanine, and catachines, help detoxification of the body and boost your overall health and body function.


Key Ingredients

Camellia sinensis Leaves Extract

Camellia sinensis leaves (Tea leaves, specifically green tea) offer dual benefits for both cardiovascular health and weight management. Its potential to support healthy blood pressure levels, improve cholesterol profiles, provide antioxidant effects that protect against oxidative stress, and promote healthy blood vessel function contribute to overall heart health and a healthier cardiovascular system. Additionally, green tea’s ability to boost metabolism, enhance fat burning, aid in weight loss, and potentially reduce appetite makes it beneficial for weight management efforts, supporting a healthy body weight and overall well-being.

Glycyrrhiza glabra Root Extract

Glycyrrhiza glabra Root Extract have potential benefits for cardiac health due to its antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory effects, potential blood pressure regulation, cholesterol-lowering capabilities, and support in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. Also, it provides potential benefits for gut health due to its anti-inflammatory properties, ability to soothe the digestive system, potential for relieving gastrointestinal discomfort, support in maintaining gut flora balance, and aiding in overall digestive wellness.

Cichorium intybus Root Extract

in Camellia Sinensis Chicory offers potential benefits for cardiac health due to its ability to lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels, provide antioxidant support, improve blood vessel function, and promote overall cardiovascular well-being. Chicory is a natural prebiotic that can support gut health by promoting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, improving digestion, enhancing nutrient absorption, boosting the immune system, and potentially alleviating gastrointestinal discomfort. Incorporating chicory into the diet can be a valuable addition to promote a healthy gut microbiome.

Piper nigrum Fruit Extract

Piper nigrum, commonly known as black pepper, may offer potential benefits for cardiac health due to its antioxidant properties, potential to reduce inflammation, ability to improve blood circulation, potential to regulate blood pressure, and overall support in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.It can improve the body’s ability to absorb essential vitamins and minerals, leading to more efficient nutrient utilization and potential health benefits.

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